I always look forward to the Spring season. There is something to be said about how its arrival brings with it a feeling of a new beginning – a fresh start. Yet, I have especially fallen in love with celebrating springtime at the Inn.

The property…
All the trees, shrubs and grass have spent the past Winter season in “hibernation”, and they all appear eager to remind me of their existence. It seems as if each rainfall and hour of sun help them to individually make their presence known. I find myself gravitating daily at measuring the new growth on the surplus of natural landscape that embraces the Inn’s property. The leaves on the trees have started to bud, which is the start of their promise that they will soon provide shade to the property of which they claim accountability. Oh, how I love the dogwood trees. They are nestled among their neighboring large hardwoods and seem to be perfectly placed. Their wispy branches bloom subtle pink and white flowers which add the perfect amount of definition to the various shades of greens they are clustered among.

Southern Seasons Inn has an all-encompassing greenspace. The large yard is a natural collage of shrubberies and welcomes an array of seasonal camelias, rhododendrons, and azaleas. I appreciate how each of the buds provides hints of their existence. I especially love how the encore azaleas envelope the tree canopied side street of the historical home and carries through to the backyard. I would be remiss if I did not mention the various plants and perennials that are familied together throughout the property. I anxiously await what, where and when a surprise planting is going to erupt from the ground to add color and texture to the various gardens.

The Spring temperatures are invitations for routine escapes to the outdoors. I love to absorb all there is to enjoy at each settee scattered throughout the Inn’s property. Every moment spent rocking in the chairs on the historic porch, resting in the hammock anchored between two of the largest backyard trees, settling on the iron swing in the gazebo, or lounging in the Adirondack chairs around the fire pit, are gentle reminder to me that springtime at the Inn is to be savored.

Yet, if you have ever been in Georgia during the onset of the Spring season, you could not have missed the arrival of the pollen. The eruption of leaves on the trees, flowers, and grass all contribute to pollen taking up temporary residency. This is the one seasonal contributor whose visit I could do without. If springtime could just arrive without demanding the need to frequently paint a coating of yellow on everything available to it, the season would be welcomed without an ounce of reluctance. However, pollen is not the only unwelcomed guest this springtime. This year a more damaging uninvited guest, COVID-19, checked into our country and disrupted our ability to welcome guests to the property during the early months of the season.

As this global healthcare virus makes its presence known, I cannot help but relate its growth to the depth of destruction to what I sometimes endure while gardening. This global healthcare pandemic has rooted itself and invoked an immeasurable amount of uncertainties and stress on all of us. It has grown wild and choked out the normalcies of life we have come to enjoy. Some would say the normalcies we may have taken for granted.  Yet, it is my hope that each of us will spend this time nurturing the soil, sewing new seeds, and tending to the current plantings in our individual life’s garden. May we trim back or remove those items in our lives that have taken hold and inhibited healthy growth. May we remember to take the necessary time to nurture the soil of our souls to enable each of us to become the best form of us that we are meant to be.

We will be ready for you…
Southern Seasons Inn welcomes the opportunity to be a part of the recalibration of your life’s normalcy after this global health crisis subsides. As you reacclimate and start planning future travel, The Inn will be ready and we will be delighted to host you and share the property’s colorful tapestry.

Therefore, for those who will be seeking a spacious retreat to help capture some much-needed rest, relaxation and rejuvenation, come and enjoy a unique lodging experience. If business calls you to traveler to or through North Georgia to get back to handling necessary demands, we will have a room ready for you. The waterfalls, hiking trails, and many parks will be awaiting the adventurous travelers and we will be ready to be a place of rest in between explorations. Moreover, the surplus of local wineries, breweries, shops and restaurants in town as well as in the nearby small communities will be ready for your visit, and we will be ready to be your launching point for each day’s venture.

The rooms are ready; the property is ready; the oven just needs to be turned on; and the guest books are waiting for a pen to fill the blank pages and capture your experience while at the Inn.



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