Images showing colorful Southern Seasons Inn custom mugs


The Inn would not be complete without these beautiful hand-crafted pottery mugs from Deenen Pottery.  We have customized the glazes on our mugs to reflect the four seasons of the year.  Select the mug(s) that is reflective of the “seasonal room” you are lodging in during your stay;  the mug(s) reflective of the time of year you enjoyed your time with us visiting the North Georgia region; or select the mug(s) with your preferred glazing.  These are the perfect keepsake to take home with you to enjoy your favorite hot beverage while away from the Inn.  Be sure to note the quantity and preferred glaze when placing your order. $20/each (plus sales tax).

YELLOW:  Spring     GREEN:  Summer    BROWN: Autumn     BLUE:  Winter

Robes at our GA bed and breakfast


These are the same Luxurious robes available for our guests to enjoy during their stay with us. These plush monogrammed robes are a great way to feel pampered in a spa kind of way without leaving your home.


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